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Content Guide for "Catch Me If You Can" (2017)

At Sugar Factory Playhouse we strive to produce shows that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. That being said, only you know what is appropriate for your children (and yourself). To help you know what to expect from our show, we have put together this content guide. We hope it’s helpful. Be aware that some items below may spoil plot points for the show.



A gun is fired twice. One character is struck by a bullet and collapses.

A character is stabbed with a knife and falls to the ground. Blood is shown on the hands of another character that tries to help the stabbed character.

A female character is briefly choked by another character that believes she is trying to kill him.


Two characters briefly mention having spent the night in a hotel the night before their wedding. Not graphic.

A man introduces a woman as his wife, although she is not.

Two characters mention that the lodge they’re staying in is used as the owner’s “model home” where he takes models for weekend getaways. The owner is married and is understood to be a serial womanizer, none of which is shown.

Two brief kisses are depicted.




One character is a heavy smoker and is shown smoking throughout the show. Ashtrays and packs of cigarettes are strewn around the room.

Characters sip scotch a few times.

Characters discuss prescription sleeping pills.

One character attempts to poison another character. Another character is poisoned by accident.

One character begins to administer an injection of truth serum to another character but is interrupted.


Several characters threaten other characters with guns or poisoning.

Several characters are quite menacing and threatening.

A major element of the plot is a scheme to kill one character for his money.


The first half of the show has lighter moments and is billed as a comedy. Things become more intense as the show goes on, however, and young viewers may feel scared by the intensity of some characters.


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