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The Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan (CASWJ) is a work of love comprised of many volunteers, from the Board of Directors to the Committees that provide diverse programming. CASWJ improves individuals' lives and contributes to our community's culture by providing opportunities to experience and participate in the arts.

OUR MISSIONThe Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan's mission is to promote a rich cultural life by promoting and sustaining visual, performing, and literary arts in our community.


OUR VISIONThe vision of the West Jordan Arts Council is to:

  • Offer programs that showcase the enthusiasm and diversity of arts.

  • Develop the local art ecosystem to reflect contributions from the entire population.

  • Promote creative industries and recognize them as vital pieces of the community.

  • Create a long-term legacy for each generation by promoting participation and acknowledging a wide variety of artistic accomplishments.

  • Engage the public to increase involvement and interaction with art.

  • Champion the preservation and appreciation of public art.

  • Provide opportunities to support and encourage artists' development.

  • Serve as a resource for information about West Jordan artists and cultural events.

  • Help generate an understanding of cultural diversity through art appreciation.


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