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Chelsea McGee

Chelsea McGee.jpg

Chelsea McGee's love of all things music started in High School. She participated through dance, singing, and even in the orchestra in her High School musical productions. In college, she became more passionate about music and teaching it to children. She believes it is one of the most important things we can instill in our youth.


After graduating with a BS in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in music education, Chelsea taught preschool for ten years while her kids were little. When her oldest was 12, she wanted to do live theatre. Through her experiences, Chelsea could work with youth in this capacity.


She has been on the WJYT Board for six years now. She has also helped at the High School level and other Youth Theatre in the valley. Chelsea has been music director for 2 of WJYT's shows and Director for the last show that could be performed. She has also produced multiple shows over her six years on the board.

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