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Rachel O'Crowley

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As a huge fan of art, my road has led to volunteering for the Visual Arts for the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan. My world has many types of genres that aid in my love for the arts.


I am an owner of a manufacturing company, The Robin’s Nest of Vernal, which makes Creative Canvas and Dew Drops for artists to play with. TRN has been a part of the scrapbook world for many years. We encourage the mixture of art and real-life photos as an imaginative story of an individual. I also own a printing company, Angelic Imaging. This company prints many promotion products, canvases, photos, pamphlets, banners, and more.


Another company I am an owner of is a construction business, Case, LLC. This is a general construction company with specialty licenses in roofing and HVAC. And last but not least, I work for Wal-Mart Pharmacy, where I have been a licensed pharmacy technician for 26 years; I just can’t give it up. All of these jobs have lent a hand in my creative process. The phrase: Think outside the box., has undoubtedly come into play whenever art is introduced into my life.


I am a strong-willed, very opinionated, yet pretty happy, creative person. I love to support local art programs and local artists. I would love to see cursive writing back into schools because of the beautiful elegance that helps the hand flow through the lines. I believe this is a small lesson learned in the big picture of life. It helps us to mercifully keep dancing even when there are lemons in the road. I strongly believe in supporting artists. The beauty that surrounds us daily could not be so gloriously distinguished without the help of artists. Buy Art. It is necessary to keep artists alive. It also supports our local communities. An artist's work is not sold in big box stores. They are our next-door neighbors. We need to support them so we can enjoy more of their innovative and creative minds.


Other community organizations that I am involved with include: Utah Arts Festival Board Member, LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, West Jordan Chamber of Commerce, and the support of every art show that I can attend. I hope to bring more attention to the Visual Arts from the artists in our community. If there is something you would like to see, please email me. If you would like to volunteer to be on the Visual Arts team, please drop me an email.

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