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West Jordan Arts in the Park - Artist Applications


West Jordan, Utah is nestled on the west side of the Wasatch Mountains, situated in the heart of Salt Lake County, the fastest-growing county in the state.

Easy access to both Interstate 15 and Interstate 215 and a well-governed city have contributed to the steady growth of this thriving community.

A new public art program has been created to reimagine and support art related growth for the community. An extension of the West Jordan Arts, the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan is a 501-3c non-profit developed to bring the arts to the west side of the Salt Lake valley. Performing arts, musical arts, visual arts, and literary arts all combine to envelop the community with many types of cultural arts.

With perfect late-spring temperatures (average 65.7 degrees high, 43.3 degrees low), we are looking forward to an outstanding event.



1st round juried visual artists invited. We are now excepting applications for remaining openings for all media through February 1st, 2023 or as soon as limited spaces are filled.

Location: West Jordan, Veterans Memorial Park

Event open: April 29, 2023, 11 am – 6 pm

As the West Jordan Visual Arts continues to grow and to accommodate more attendees, we’ve added our Arts in the Park to the West Jordan Veterans Memorial Park with engaging activities spanning around the park. We will be open April 29, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to our artist booths, we’ve created an inviting live performance stage and eating area, invited the Food Truck League, imagined fun kids ARTivities, and added live mural arts to encourage younger generations to dive into the arts. We are also inviting local crafters to join our event.

We are aggressively marketing the event and focusing strategies to include high-end, art-educated buyers. In March, daily social media highlights featuring artists, performers, and event updates will generate excitement and promote the event. Between Salt Lake County's rapid growth and West Jordan’s strong art ties, our event is positioned to become the premier kickoff to the summer arts festivals in the state.


  • February 1, 2023* Application Deadline, Five images & $30 jury fee due *Or as limited spots are filled.

  • February 25, 2023 Rolling jury with final notification of Jury Decisions. Remaining spots available for new applicants to apply.

  • March 15, 2023 Booth rental fee due for 1st round artists. Fee deposited upon receipt

  • March 29, 2023 Final withdrawal date with 50% booth rental fee refunded

  • April 3, 2023 Final day to submit application

  • April 14, 2023 Final day to pay for booth for late invited artists

  • April 29, 2023 Artist Check in/Booth Set Up/Arts in the Park


Categories are used to organize and balance the Event. There is not a set number of each media in the Event; we are careful to select artists working in a variety of media to enhance the interest of the Festival.

• Drawing: Original compositions drawn by the artist’s hand in charcoal, digital, pastel, pencil, ink etc.

• Fiber: Works created from fibers, including basketry, weaving, papermaking, leather, and fabric. No crafts.

• Furniture: Functional or decorative furniture.

• Glass: Glass blowing, fusing, casting or kiln forming that has been handcrafted by the artist.

• Jewelry: All jewelry must be original designs made by the artist. Commercial endings are acceptable.

• Mixed Media: Artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed.

• Painting: Original compositions created by the artist’s hand in oil, acrylic, or watercolor. A limited number of reproductions, clearly labeled as giclee’s or prints are acceptable, if the bulk of items for sale are the artist’s original paintings.

• Photography: Original photographs by the artist. May include digital alteration or hand painting.

• Pottery: Created from the imagination and by the hand of the artist from clay, porcelain, stoneware, and/or earthenware. Bisque from commercial molds is prohibited.

  • Print Making: Original compositions created by the artist’s hand using metal plates, stone, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens.

  • Soap Making: Hand-crafted work with soaps and fragrances.

• Sculpture: Three-dimensional works incorporating any material that are carved, modeled, constructed, or cast.

  • Wood: Any functional or non-functional work that is crafted by the artist primarily from wood.

  • Urban Arts: Any functional or non-functional work that is crafted the artist.

• Other - In addition to Fine Art, extremely creative, unusual, up-cycle and high-quality products will be accepted to the festival.


Applications are accepted ONLY online through google forms.

There is a non-refundable $30 fee to apply to the show. Click here to submit payment:

Read below for details on application and booth fees.


  • 5 images total: 4 images of work + 1 image of booth

  • The booth image is used to show how you will present your work at the festival. If you do not have a booth image, you may send an image that shows the size and scale of your collection.

This competitive show is chosen by a 4-member jury utilizing the rolling jury system. The Google site will be updated when categories and/or the show closes. Simply ACCEPTING on Google will not secure your space, the artists “spot” will be secured once fees are paid. WAIT LIST applications will then be accepted. Artists who will be called from the wait list will be chosen by category as cancellations are received and at that time can accept or decline our invitation to exhibit.


  • Awards of Excellence with next year booth fee incentives.

  • Booth sitters.

  • Artist retreats with refreshments.

  • An aggressive marketing campaign that will include a daily artist focus beginning in March.

  • Artists retain all revenue from sales.


Cancellation of booth must be made in writing (preferably emailed) by at least MARCH 29, 2023. If you cancel by that date, you will receive a 50% credit for booth fees paid. Application fees are non-refundable.

There are no refunds for canceled shows AFTER logistical and advertising arrangements have been made, refunds will not be issued under our rain or shine policy nor due to any forces of nature, (i.e., hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes) as outlined in the application.

The show is open rain or shine. Exhibitors should be prepared for inclement weather.


Artists retain all proceeds from their sales. Each artist is responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax to the State of Utah. Tax information will be included in the check in packets on the set-up day.


Mailing address:

Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan

PO Box 1272

West Jordan, UT 84084


Rachel O’Crowley – Visual Arts Coordinator


West Jordan Art in the Park considers the enforcement of its rules to be our exclusive right and responsibility. Adherence to the following rules during the festival is necessary to maintain the quality of the show at a high level for artists and the patrons. Event officials will be visiting all booths during the show to meet artists and answer any questions. Non-compliance with the Rules & Guidelines can result in requests for work to be removed from display and for sale, and/or expulsion from the show and ineligibility for jurying into future shows. If an artist is removed from the show for non-compliance of the rules, no booth fee refunds will be issued.

  1. Fine arts and extremely creative, unusual, and high-quality arts will be accepted.

  2. All work exhibited must be original art produced by the artist. Work done by a production studio is not acceptable. Buy-sell and/or imports are not allowed. Artists selling work that is not their own will be expelled from the festival.

  3. All work exhibited must be for sale.

  4. Exhibitors must be at least 18 years of age, unless invited to participate in the student program.

  5. Artists may exhibit work only in the category in which they were juried. Exhibited work must be consistent in style, quality, and method with juried images. Artwork displayed and sold must be suitable for family and public viewing. (No lewd or inappropriate themes or images.)

  6. Artists must be present in the booth during the entire Event, a representative of the artist may mind the booth for the artist to have a break.

  7. Only one artist per application will be considered by the jury; except for artists who collaborate. Collaborative artists each contribute to create the single body of work and may jury together and be listed as collaborators, associates may not display art but may tend the booth.

  8. Artists are responsible for proper insurance and protection of work and booth. Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan is not responsible for damage to work or booth due to weather or unrelated incidents.

  9. Only artists accepted in the jewelry category may display and sell jewelry.

  10. Booths must remain open the complete hours of the show unless they have an emergency and have spoken to the Visual Art Coordinator prior to closing.

  11. Veterans Memorial Park, the event location, is a public area that is used throughout the year for many different events. We request, except for service dogs, that you bring no pets.

  12. Artists will provide their own tent, display materials, and equipment for payments. Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan only provides the "space".

  13. Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan will allow artists to sell reproductions of original 2D artwork such as, offset prints, giclée’s, and reproduced work that must be clearly labeled as such. The majority of your booth must be original work.

  14. Booth must be professional in appearance and must represent the booth picture included with your application. No large banners, signs, raffles, loud music, or "gimmicks" allowed. Failure to have a professional display that was represented in your application may result in being asked to leave with no fees refunded.

  15. Booths are non-transferable.


Most booth spaces are 10’ x 10’ in size with a few 10’ x 20’ options. Most booths spaces are side by side with a few corner and end booths available. Artists must provide their own tent featuring roof, sides, and back panels. Artists are responsible for weighting down their canopy on all four corners with a minimum of 40 lb. weights and be prepared for possible uneven ground. Artists are responsible for setup, take down and appropriate cleanup of booth space following festival. Artist or artist’s representative will remain at the booth for the duration of the festival. Only juried approved art items will be allowed to be sold. Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan provides the “space” only. No guarantees on booth placement requests.


  • $100 (10’ X 10’)

  • $150 (10’ X 10’ corner)

  • $200 (10’ X 20’ double)

  • $250 (10’ X 20’ double with corner)

Booth fees will be due after acceptance into the event.

A few shared booths are available. Up to 2 artists in a single booth only. Each artist must apply individually, each paying the jury fee and receiving an invitation to the event. Write in the name of the artist you want to share with in the Special Requests section of the Google application. Only one will pay for the booth. Collaborators are artists who work jointly on the same piece of art. Apply as a single artist, listing other artist as collaborator on the application. Booth fees are the same as a single artist.


Electricity: Limited supply.

Security: We are also located next to the police and fire departments.


Saturday, April 29, 7 a.m. - 11 a.m., Veterans Memorial Park

Pick up your check-in packets at the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan Information Booth


Saturday, April 29, 6 pm - 9 pm, Veterans Memorial Park


Average number of applications submitted each year:


Average number of artists selected from the jury to participate in the event:


Average number of exempt from jury artists who are invited to participate in the event:


How returning artists are selected:

Received an award

Selected by on-site jury

Selected by show director or board

History of participation

Comments for "How are the returning artists selected?"

Selected by on-site jury

Vendors that are excluded/ineligible:

Crafts, food, resellers and mass produced items.

How images are viewed by jurors:

Computer monitor

Within a medium category, applications are sorted and viewed by:

Application Received (date the application was submitted)

Jurors score applications using the following scale:

Yes, No, or Maybe

1 - 5

Number of jurors scoring applications:


The show organizes the jurors for a:

Single jury panel that scores applications for all medium categories

Jurors score

Separately from various locations

Am I allowed to observe the jury process?

Jury process is closed

Other information

This is a rolling jury, enter early for best chance to secure a booth space.

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