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We need your help finding rehearsal space...

We are in a time crunch to find rehearsal and storage space, particularly for our instrumental groups. West Jordan City Hall is closed for remodel on March 1st for 12-18 months, and we will lose our ability to rehearse there.

We are reaching out to our supporters in hopes of any leads on a space anywhere from about 1500-3000 square feet. A smaller area would allow rehearsals, while a larger area would also allow some storage space for large instruments.

A donation of warehouse or other rehearsal space would be ideal (your contribution may be tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit), however we are willing to pay a reasonable rental rate.

Please reach out to with any ideas, rates, or spaces you may find or have in mind!

Thank you so much,

Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan

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