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Inspired by Animals: West Jordan Youth Art Showcase Competition (DUE DATE EXTENDED)


Calling all young artists in West Jordan! The Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan and the West Jordan City Animal Shelter are uniting for the "Inspired by Animals" Youth Art Showcase. If you're passionate about animals and art, this is your canvas to shine and support our furry friends at the local animal shelter. This unique competition invites you to share your animal-inspired artwork, offering a platform for expression, creativity, and community engagement.

Why Participate?

Celebrate Creativity and Compassion

This showcase is more than an art competition; it's a celebration of creativity, effort, and love for animals. We believe that artistic expression goes beyond technical skill, especially for our younger artists. Your unique vision and passion for the animal world are what we aim to highlight and celebrate.

Win Prizes and Gain Recognition

Participants will compete for fantastic prizes, including gift cards for the first-place winners and ribbons for the second and third places in each age group. But that's not all. Every participant has the opportunity to have their artwork displayed at the Art in the Park event on April 27th, attracting public admiration and votes.

Leave a Legacy at the Animal Shelter

Selected pieces will grace the walls of the West Jordan Animal Shelter for three years, bringing joy, comfort, and beauty to both the animals awaiting adoption and the visitors. It's a chance to make a lasting impact and brighten the shelter's environment with your creativity.

Key Dates and Submission Guidelines

  • Submission Deadline: April 20th (EXTENDED to MAY 27th)

  • Artwork Size: Must be 18x24 inches or smaller, ready to hang or display.

  • Eligibility: Open to youths aged 18 and under from West Jordan or attending local schools, with guardian consent.

  • How to Submit: Enter through the official online form at

The showcase unfolds with social media voting and a public display at Art in the Park, culminating in the announcement of winners on May 2nd. It's not just about competition; it's about making a difference, connecting with the community, and showcasing your love for animals through art.

Optional Showcase: On April 21st, shortly after the submission deadline, artists will receive detailed information regarding the Art in the Park Showcase scheduled for April 27th. This crucial update will include everything you need to know about the event, from the logistics of displaying your artwork to the activities planned for the day. It's our way of ensuring you're fully prepared and informed, allowing you to enjoy the showcase to its fullest. Keep an eye on your inbox for this essential guide to making the most of your participation in this vibrant celebration of art and animal love.

Let's Make a Difference Together

The "Inspired by Animals" showcase is a heartfelt invitation to young artists to explore their creativity, share their love for animals, and contribute to a meaningful cause. Whether you're a seasoned young artist or just discovering your passion for art, your participation is valuable. It's an opportunity to celebrate the joy of creation, participate in a community event, and potentially leave a lasting impression at the West Jordan Animal Shelter.

So, grab your brushes, pencils, or digital tools, and let your creativity soar! Visit for more details and to submit your artwork. Let's fill the animal shelter with beauty and hope, one artwork at a time.

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