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  • Login to the Wix site

  • From the top section, click the down arrow in the blue button labeled SITE ACTIONS

    • Click EDIT SITE

  • You'll now be on the "backend" of the website

  • Click on the down arrow beside HOME just below the WIX title

  • At the bottom of the list that pops up, click on MANAGE PAGES

  • Find your page from the list and click on it

  • From there, you can make whatever changes you need to make, using the options on the left

  • When adding text, use the Custom option, which has already been set. You can find it in the left toolbar with the symbol of an A with a droplet. Our website font is Avenir and Avenir Light

  • If you need to add a button, Click on the + sign, then scroll down to MY DESIGNS where you'll find our button.

    • Edit the button text and change the link





  • Login to the Wix site

  • On the left, you'll see a black vertical section

    • Click on BLOG

  • The window of Published blogs will open

  • You can access Drafts and Scheduled posts on the left, or

  • Click on the CREATE NEW POST blue button on the top right

  • Write your post, using the the tool bar at the  bottom to add elements to your post

  • Highlight text to access the formatting menu

  • Highlight all text and instead of text being left justified, just the lines that make a square

  • Be sure to check your spelling and grammar, too

  • Once you're done, add a title

  • Before you publish, look to the toolbar at the left

  • Choose Settings

    • Click on the big blue square for adding an image. You can add your own image, or scroll down to find something in Shutterstock (it comes with our membership)

  • Click on Advanced

    • Copy/paste a snippet from the post into the Excerpt section.

  • Click on Categories and choose the option best suited to your post (You can have more than one category)

  • Click on SEO

    • Add your title (it can be different from your post title)

  • In the post description write a one-or-two sentence description of what the post is about.

  • Click on Tags and add whichever ones make sense for your post. The more you use them, the better our SEO will be.

  • Click PUBLISH in the top right corner



  • Login to Wix

  • Fromt the left sidebar, click on EVENTS

  • To add an event, click on the blue +ADD EVENT button at the top right

    • Choose  Ticketed Event (paid or free)

      • Since we're using separate ticketing software, we'll just use Wix for free events for now

    • Fill in as much information as you can, using keywords in the teaser and event description

    • Include an image

    • Click CREATE EVENT at the bottom of the page

    • Email Stephanie to let her know you've added an event, so she can add it to the Google calendar

  • To edit an event, find your event from the list, and click the EDIT button associated with it.


  • From inside the Wix Editor, click on the + button from the left side

  • At the very bottom of the list in the blue section, click on MY DESIGNS

  • You'll see the CASWJ button there, saying JAZZ BAND

  • Click on that button, and it will be added to your page

  • Double-click the button on your page, and you'll get a pop-up

  • There you can change the name of the button and where it links to

  • Drag the button's width to fit the text, if necessary

  • Drag to where you want it to appear on the page


  • From the Wix editor choose the page ABOUT

  • Click on the Gallery widget, then choose Manage Media

  • It will bring up all the team's photos. From here you can delete the people who are no longer members (like me and Ryan - just hover over the image, and click on the trash can that appears), rearrange the order people will appear (just drag and drop), and add new people to the team. I see the page you added for Lynnette, so now you need to add her image to THIS media section (the About Gallery), add in her name and role, then scroll down a bit and click on the link icon to link to her page.

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