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Ken Gerber, Director


I am Ken Gerber, and I moved into West Jordan in July 2001. In 2003 my family and I saw “Brigadoon” in the park. The set was the most amazing thing we had ever seen, like a real-life transformer. The play was incredible. I became hooked. I have been a part of Sugar Factory Playhouse ever since. 

I acted in Oliver in 2005 and have gone to many over the years. My favorites were “See How They Run,” “Over the River and Through the Woods,” and “Sight Unseen.” I have loved the relationships that we build with our neighbors due to the West Jordan Arts. The Theater has been a blessing in our lives.

I was approached when the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan was being created, and I have been involved ever since. I have always been an entrepreneur. My work has always put me in front of people and building relationships. I have used those relationships to help build the arts in West Jordan. 

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