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Content Guide for "Frankenstein" (2018)

At Sugar Factory Playhouse, we strive to produce shows that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

That being said, only you know what is appropriate for your children (and yourself). To help you know what to expect from our show, we have put together this content guide. We hope it’s helpful. Be aware that some items below may spoil elements of the show.




A male character is thrown to the ground and threatened with a cane before escaping unharmed.

A male character is struck several times with a cane by a man who fears for his family’s safety.

A young woman is menaced and abducted. She is forcefully dragged offstage screaming.

The silhouette of a young woman is shown falling dead immediately after being killed. It is later stated she was killed by her neck being broken.

A male character is killed offstage in an indeterminate manner. His screams are heard before he dies, and his arm falls onstage from behind a wall.

A female character screams offstage and is then dragged onstage after having been killed. It is later implied she was either chocked to death or that her neck had been broken. Her body is onstage for several minutes.

A male character is shot and wounded in the arm.

A male character almost crushes the head of another male character between his hands but stops himself.

Twice a character threatens another character with a gun.




A character swears to God while threatening another character.

A character exclaims, “Live, damn you! Live!”


Two characters drink alcohol from a hip flask but not to drunkenness.

A character drinks champagne at a wedding then comments that there’s never enough champagne.


A character describes how another character steals body parts from graveyards in order to build a man.

A character examines body parts in a box with the intent to use them to build a man.

A character holds and examines a realistic human brain.

The creation of the Creature may be intense and frightening for some viewers.

The Creature’s appearance (facial scars) and overall menacing, violent behavior may be disturbing for some viewers.

A character threatens the lives of another character’s loved ones.


The play is adapted from Mary Shelley’s original novel, not from the movie starring Boris Karloff. The play examines the consequences of revenge and the effects of trying to run from responsibility. As such, the overall tone of the play is dark and foreboding. The material is dealt with seriously and realistically. All murders occur offstage, but they can be heard, and the events leading up to and following the murders may be disturbing for some viewers.


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